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What is PRFM THerapy for Hair Loss?

Hair thinning is a significant concern for a number of patients, whether it is caused by genetics, age, hormones, medical conditions, or years of over-styling. With recent advances in research in the hair restoration industry, new treatments are being created to help combat the problem. Platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) is an innovative nonsurgical remedy for people that is showing remarkable benefits in slowing down, stopping, and reversing hair loss. Dr. Alison Kang of Prestige Cosmetic Dermatology is just one of a small handful of hair restoration experts to supply this innovative therapy in Yorba Linda, CA. By blending a strong solution of hair growth factors and bioactive proteins, Dr. Kang can help to strengthen the function of your hair, resulting in longer, thicker, healthier locks.

what can I expect from PRFM therapy for hair loss?

A nonsurgical process, the PRFM treatment is a brief 30 to 60-minute in-office visit. The session begins with drawing a small amount of your blood and putting it in a special machine, which circulates the blood at high speed to remove the platelets from the remaining portion of the blood elements. Next, the concentrated platelet-rich fibrin matrix will be introduced into parts of your head that are thinning or bald. Finally, microneedling may be performed on the scalp to create micro-trauma and micro-channels to the skin, which can further activate the PRFM and allows it to penetrate deep into the skin. Our routine for nonsurgical management of hair loss contains initial therapy and maintenance therapies.

Made appointment online after inquiring about availability - fast response time. Completed paperwork via online portal. Met with Dr. Kang regarding my frustrating itching, redness, intermittent pustules and thickened skin to forehead region. I opted to not go to Kaiser because they make me try every ointment (that doesn't work) rather then refer me to Dermatology for treatment. Dr. Kang prescribed me medication and in 1 week my forehead is normal again and not red and without pustules. The gel had 3 components that addressed all aspects of my skin. She even wrote down the medication components as well as next steps (laser) to improve my forehead's skin integrity. So blessed to have found her and highly recommend her if you are looking for a compassionate dermatologist with a wonderful bed side manner.

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Dr. Kang was amazing! She was sweet and very quick and informative. I definitely recommend coming here. The whole staff was amazing as well. They all make you feel so welcomed.

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I had a small bump appear on the tip of my nose about 3 years ago. I know there are bigger problems in life but it bugged the hell out of me. I played wanna be doctor and did my research on treatments so as I walked into Prestige Cosmetic Dermatology I was prepared to face a few obstacles. My experience was too good to be true! The receptionist was super friendly. Then I felt like I was talking to a friend when I spoke with Dr. Kang. 5 minutes later, the bump on my nose was already removed by Dr. Kang for a really really really reasonable cost. Everything went so well that I'm worried that I'm going to start looking for different things I can do to make my skin look better 🙂

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Dr. Kang is professional, kind, and caring. If anyone is looking for a cosmetic dermatologist, definitely visit Dr. Kang’s office.

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Dr. Kang couldn't help me and is honest in her opinion. Should I need her services in the future, I will be back.

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PRFM therapy is a medically and clinically backed alternative for those struggling to choose between hair loss solutions. At Prestige Cosmetic Dermatology, we are honored to provide proven solutions to treat hair loss efficiently. To hear more about PRFM therapy, we ask you to contact Dr. Kang at our Yorba Linda, CA office today.

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